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April 10, 2018by Misty Sanford0

Spring is finally here (if we pretend like last weekend’s weather never happened). To celebrate the season, we have a new beer. A fruited PINK beer!

On April 17, we’re releasing Blackberry Fission, our Blackberry Saison. I know… You hear Saison and you’re ready to stop reading this post. There are so many bad Saisons in the market, but we truly love this style, so we’re on a mission to change the perception.

Saisons have always been very simple in design. If you find a good one, the flavor and aroma are just complex enough to keep the light body interesting. Our interpretation of the style is dryer than most, which shouldn’t be a surprise. At the nose, you will detect very faint yeast esters. It also has a light malt body with a very dry and fruity finish. It’s definitely not a farmhouse.

As we often do, we tested this beer at a few private events. It became abundantly clear that we had to release the fruited version before we released the base. A fruited beer just pairs well with spring, right?! The blackberry gives the beer a good tart bite at the end while maintaining the clean finish. This is the beer your beer-hating MIL could drink and enjoy along with your craft beer friends.

Try it for yourself at the launch event. We’re only making 6 barrels of Blackberry Fission, so it will go quickly!

BYO-Vinyl Brewsday Tuesday
The Common Table Uptown
April 17 | 6pm


Misty Sanford

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