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April 25, 2018by Misty Sanford0

When we design a beer, we like it to have a level of calmness. Simple, clean, and maybe a bit understated. These words don’t typically come to mind when you think of an IPA, yet we have four of them in our portfolio. This is partly why our beer is rarely designed to style, but it is also why our hoppy beers are drinkable. We brew what we enjoy.

We want the beauty and utility of hops to overlap. Hops are a requirement in the beer making process. You can’t have beer without hops. And in many ways, hops distinguish the beer far more than barley or yeast, also required ingredients. As a result, beer always has some degree of bitterness. As brewers, we embrace bitterness. The right amount, of course, because without bitterness and hops, you just have sweetness. And that’s what wine is for.

So when someone says they don’t like hops, we get excited to present a beer that is balanced and still perceived as being hoppy. We can do this because we don’t treat hops for the one or two notes they’re known for. We embrace the endless variety of aromas and flavors that can be achieved. As is the case in today’s world, people go to extremes when they get excited about something. Hops included. Well, we’re doing the exact opposite. We want your tasting experience to be a smooth ride. No spikes or valleys. Just a great tasting experience from start to finish.

It’s become a bit conventional to use marketable adjuncts, but when you keep the beer simple and not overly flavored, you leave yourself open to experiencing the unexpected complexity and beauty that comes from hops. And why not let them shine?



Misty Sanford

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