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Plutonium-239, our Coconut Porter, started out as a seasonal. You hear porter and you naturally think winter, right? But damn it, I’m not going to let the weather dictate what beer I drink. If I want a porter in June, I’m going to have a porter in June. And this is Texas. If you remember correctly, it was in the 90s in October last year. Our actual cold weather days are limited.

Rant over and back to the point. Plutonium was planned to be a winter seasonal, but then we weren’t ready to let it go last spring. We decided the coconut made it summer appropriate. Made sense. Also, the fact that it is a porter rather than a stout helps. It’s lighter on the palate than you might think, which means it is okay if the weather is warm and the food is rich. In fact, it might even taste a bit better in the summer months. When the beer warms, the vanilla and cinnamon are much more prominent.

So how do we like to pair it? A sample menu is below, but like Black Matter, we could have an entire meal of chocolate desserts with this beer.

Warm mixed nuts. Seriously, don’t you love warm nuts?! It feels so fancy and the toastiness of it pairs really well with Plutonium.

Any red meat will do, but we like a slightly smoky hanger steak. Just in time for BBQs by the pool.

Lentils. This legume is sorely underrated. Think beyond a soup and prepare them with some salty bacon and star anise.

Oatmeal pecan cookies. Bonus points if you use malted barley flour.

The lesson here is don’t be afraid to seek out ‘dark’ beers during the warmer months. We’re going to keep brewing it this summer, so when you’re sitting in the frigid AC in the middle of July, you can pretend it’s a Texas January.

Misty Sanford

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