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We’re here to give you another reason to love Oak Cliff. The Wild Detectives. It’s no longer new, but we have some serious love for this tiny house, so it deserves a mention.

This bookstore/bar/venue has a special place in our hearts because it is where we wrote our business plan. We spent many evenings camped out in a corner with a glass of wine in one hand and a shot of espresso in the other. Yes, we drank wine, because back then the beer selection wasn’t our favorite. That has since changed.

In our younger years, we dreamed of having a local coffee shop that also sold alcohol. But I don’t think that makes us unique. I’m sure every college student wants to balance their beer and caffeine intake on one tab. Well, fast forward a decade, and we discovered our quintessential place to study and imagine.

It’s perfect. You can comfortably have a conversation sharing big dreams and crazy ideas, but when you need a break, you’re surrounded by loads of inspiration and culture. I’m pretty positive the people and energy seeped into our vision for our taproom and beer program.

Our lives have changed a bit (a few years older and officially adulting with a child), but we still find ourselves visiting this magical place regularly. Whether it is a Kids in the Cliff story time for Edison or discovering a new band in the bookstore’s backyard, we find a reason to hang out at least once per week. And instead of a glass of wine in hand, we now have a pint of Black Matter.

Misty Sanford

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