If you like Pina Coladas…

We have another new beer! Atomic Alliance, our Pina Colada IPA, is releasing on National IPA Day. A creamy coconut and pineapple…uh…beer? You read that right.

The Official Beer of Summer

It’s an exciting month at The Manhattan Project. We announced our plan to purchase a property in West Dallas, we bought a new fermenter (maybe that’s more exciting for Jeremy than anyone else), and we’re launching not one, but TWO new beers.

A Brewery is Coming!

Some of you might not even realize that we don’t have our own brewery. But since our inception, we’ve been leasing time from Bitter Sisters Brewing Company.  

Who wants beer wallpaper?

So how attached are you to that photo of Jr or Fido on your phone? I’m asking because we have something free for you on this fine day…  A wallpaper for your iPhone (other devices coming soon).

Big Love for the Little D

Dallas friends, have you been to Denton lately? We are ride or die Oak Cliffers, so we admittedly judged the Little D. After all, that’s what people from the OC do. No community could possibly be as quaint as our own. But we were sooo wrong.

Free Stickers

Do you like stickers? More specifically, do you like to collect brewery stickers?

The Story of Inception

When you think about Brown Ales, not much comes to mind, because, well…they’re typically pretty boring.

Meet Black Matter

You asked for a stout, and now it’s here. Meet Black Matter, our Coffee Stout. This pretty lady is silky, delicious, and available for a limited time.

Distribution Partnership Announcement

Do you know how hard it is to deliver kegs? Yeah, we didn’t either until we actually did it. Needless to say, we are ecstatic to announce our partnership with Flood Independent Distribution.