Beer List


    • ABV: 7.4%
    • IBU: 68
    • Color: Gold
    • Grains: Pale, Munich and Crystal malts
    • Hops: Columbus, Centennial, Simcoe and Mosaic


    This beer was created for the IPA lovers out there. It is a perfectly balanced West Coast American IPA with huge dank hop aroma. At first sniff, you will detect pine, resin, and delicious citrus. Once you finally steal a sip, you will discover that Hoppenheimer has just enough malt and subtle caramel to keep the IPA characteristics in balance. It has medium body and carbonation.

    IPAs can start to blend together with that glorious pine aroma, but this one is different. Because of its balance, it manages to be a hoppy beer you can drink all afternoon.


    • ABV: 7.1%
    • IBU: 22
    • Color: Brown
    • Grains: Pilsner, Biscuit, Crystal, and Chocolate malts with Dark Candi Sugar
    • Hops: Magnum and Willamette


    When you think about Brown Ales, not much comes to mind, because, well…they’re typically pretty boring. In our early days of brewing, we realized Brown Ales have amazing characteristics that needed a chance to shine. That’s when we decided to Belgianize our American Brown Ale recipe.

    Inception might be a bit daunting with its brown color, but the amazing aroma of toasted nuts, banana, caramel, and raisin create a very pleasant surprise. It’s medium in body and has our signature high carbonation.


    • ABV: 6.2%
    • IBU: 33
    • Color: Light Gold
    • Grains: Pale, Wheat, Munich, and Oats
    • Hops: Columbus, Zythos, Citra, and Azacca

    NE IPA

    Half-Life is always a crowd favorite for both craft beer aficionados and those new to the beer scene. It is an unfiltered Northeast inspired IPA with an aroma that is interesting without being overpowering. Upon first sip, you will immediately pick up on the citrus characteristics. Soon to follow will be stone fruit and pine. But this is not a bitter IPA, friends. It is perfectly balanced with a focus on the delicious aroma. Half-Life finishes with a subtle and wheaty breadiness. It’s so perfectly light and crisp that it would be an amazing session beer if it weren’t for the 6% ABV, so sip and enjoy.


    • ABV: 5.1%
    • Color: Straw
    • Grains: Pale and Wheat malts
    • Hops: Sterling


    With its low hop bitterness, saltiness, and citrus flavors, the Bikini Atoll is often a favorite amongst our friends that think they don’t like beer. In contrast, the beer snobs out there love it as well. It is light and effervescent with high carbonation.

    Summers at the pool inspired this beer. There is nothing more refreshing in the Texas heat than a crisp and tart Gose.


    • ABV: 6.9%
    • IBU: 31
    • Color: Straw
    • Grains: Pale, Wheat, and Munich malts
    • Hops: Columbus, Centennial, Citra, Mosaic, and Nelson Sauvin


    This isn’t your ordinary Saison. Because we love hop characteristics more than most things in life, we had to dry hop the beer.

    This beer uses the elusive Nelson Sauvin. Yes, we got our hands on just enough for a limited release. We also use Columbus and Citra. All the good ones. The flavor is fruity and citrusy with a spicy yeast character you expect from a Saison. It’s coming in at 6.9% ABV and 31 IBU.


    • ABV: 6.2%
    • IBU: 25
    • Color: Black
    • Grains: Pale Ale, Munich, Crystal, Chocolate, and Black malts
    • Hops: Magnum and East Kent Goldings


    Do you like the coconut Girl Scout cookie? And do you like coffee? If your answer is yes to both, then this is your beer. Plutonium 239 might be our most memorable beer. Could be the name, but we’re betting it’s the unique flavors of the beer.

    At first sniff, you will immediately detect coconut, chocolate, and a wonderful roast. Like all good Porters, the carbonation is low and the body is medium.


    • ABV: 8.6
    • IBU: 25
    • Grains: Pale, Munich, Oats, Crystal, Roasted Barley, Chocolate and Black malts
    • Hops: Magnum


    You asked for a stout, and now it is here. Meet Black Matter, our Coffee Stout. Our passion for coffee runs deep. So deep that if we weren’t in the beer business, we might would be in the coffee business. Black Matter was developed for a breakfast meeting (seriously), so why not stock your office conference room with a few growlers, or better yet, a keg?

    From first sniff to the finish, the coffee is evident, but not so evident that it is overpowering. You will also discover chocolate, cinnamon, and even a touch of vanilla in both the flavor and aroma. It has a full, silky body with medium carbonation.


    • ABV: 7.1
    • IBU: 49
    • Color: Hazy, Gold
    • Grains: Pale, Munich, Oats, Wheat, and Lactose
    • Hops: Columbus, Citra, and Mosaic


    Atomic Alliance, our Pina Colada IPA, is available for a very limited time. A creamy coconut and pineapple beer inspired by our friends at Taps and Caps.

    They’re huge fans of Half-Life, our NE IPA, and they encouraged us to explore the milkshake IPAs of the NE. And because it’s summer, why not push the tropical characteristics with the appropriate hop selections, vanilla, and real coconut to enhance the pineapple flavor?

    We use lactose to produce the hazy, tropical, and almost creamy flavors. Just like a Pina Colada.