The Latest Retail ListFIND OUR CANS

Since we announced our plan to can our beer, we’ve been flooded with location questions.  We pulled together a Google map that indicates sales commitments so far.

The first round of cans hit shelves on Monday, September 17. This includes Half-Life and Hoppenheimer. The second round hits Monday, October 1 and will include Plutonium-239 and Necessary Evil.

We’re told shelves will be stocked on Mondays, but we don’t know what time or how much. Definitely call your retailer before you head out to purchase!


Recent Keg DeliveriesFIND US ON DRAFT

It is hard to say when a bar or restaurant will tap a keg, but we can always tell you when a keg was delivered.  The map link displays the locations that have accepted a keg delivery in the last 4 weeks and what beer they purchased.  We update the map every Friday.  It isn’t a guarantee that we will be on tap, but it is probable.  As always, give them a call before you head out!