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July 9, 2017by Bold Themes0

It’s an exciting month at The Manhattan Project. We announced our plan to purchase a property in West Dallas, we bought a new fermenter (maybe that’s more exciting for Jeremy than anyone else), and we’re launching not one, but TWO new beers.

The first beer is Reaction, a dry hopped Saison. If you’ve visited our booth at any beer festival over the last few years, you’ve probably tasted it. At least a version of it. In our relentless pursuit for perfection, we’ve spent months tweaking and market testing it, and it’s finally ready. Just in time for summer.

You might have figured out that we love hops. Not punch you in face hops, but perfectly balanced from nose to finish hops. Because Jeremy has earned his nickname the Hops Whisperer, we couldn’t release just any Saison. It had to have our signature; hence the dry hopped aspect.

Now about those hops. This beer has the elusive Nelson Sauvin. Yes, we got our hands on just enough for a limited release. We also use Columbus and Citra. All the good ones. The flavor is fruity and citrusy with a spicy yeast character you expect from a Saison. It’s coming in at 6.9% ABV and 31 IBU.

Back to the market testing. I spend a lot of my time introducing people to craft beer, and this is by far my favorite beer to sample. Why? Because you know the woman that purses her lips and defiantly says she doesn’t like beer? Well, she likes this one. I get a little giddy inside when I get invited to speak to a group of beer newbies, because I know they will be converted the moment they taste Reaction. Their faces light up when I point out that the delicious smell in their glass is reminiscent of banana and bubble gum. And then once we start identifying the spice flavors, their love affair with Reaction officially begins. Who knew beer could be so complex?!

Taste Reaction for yourself when we launch it on July 26th at Craft and Growler. We will happily convert any of your beer-hating friends. Assuming you have any left in your circle.

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