June 15, 2018by Misty Sanford1

Before we started R+D, I don’t think the 3 of us had voluntarily purchased a lager since…college?! I mean, we tend to choose water if there isn’t another beer option. To make us sound even snobbier, I’ll admit that someone left a lager 6 pack at our house after a party, and I sold it in a garage sale for $1.

But we are self-aware enough to notice the gaping hole in our portfolio. Even if we don’t typically gravitate toward lighter beers, we know there are plenty of people that enjoy and even prefer them.

So we set out to create a lager, specifically a pilsner that we would drink. This was not an easy task. We sort of expected that, though. The beer needed to be slightly complex with a bit of our signature style while avoiding everything we dislike about most Pils. For me, that would be the corn flavor.

Our version of a Pilsner is dry, crisp, and has maybe a hint of hop character. The floral aspects of the hops, not the bitter, so please make sure that H word is never mentioned to your light beer friends. Actually, let’s just call it floral characteristics. If you get real nerdy during your tastings, you will also pick up on herbal qualities. Like all Pilsners, ours is light in body and color.

Now that you know the background, the name ‘Necessary Evil’ probably makes more sense. We have a bit before the beer is readily available. I just thought we should jump on the announcement since we’ve submitted for TABC approval.  And because I can’t stop leaking pics of it on social. What can I say, I’m excited I like a Pilsner!

Misty Sanford

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  • Jerry Richard

    June 25, 2018 at 6:34 pm

    Looking forward to trying it!


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