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November 6, 2018by Misty Sanford1

You know our beer names are never arbitrary, and 10 Nanoseconds is no exception. When our milkshake IPA was ready for a name, we had to dig deep to find something appropriate.

Here we go.

When the atomic bomb was created, scientists needed a term for an interval of time equal to 10 nanoseconds. It is the approximate time of one generation of a nuclear chain reaction with fast neutrons.

Did I lose you already??
Stay with me.

The phrase “two shakes of a lamb’s tail” had been used to describe something very quick since 1840 (long before Pulp Fiction’s existence), so the Manhattan Project scientists coined “shake” in the singular form to informally describe 10 nanoseconds.

One “shake” or 10 nanoseconds is the typical time required for each neutron to cause a fission event, which releases more neutrons. The amount of time it takes to reach critical mass is two shakes or 20 nanoseconds.

Wait… 20 nanoseconds.

Yes, what you should take away from this somewhat confusing concept is that it is almost a requirement that we also create a double milkshake IPA. The Manhattan Project scientists would have wanted it.

10 Nanoseconds will be available for a very limited time. You must taste it before it’s gone.

Misty Sanford

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  • Jeremy "Duff1021"

    November 7, 2018 at 7:17 pm

    MPBC, can’t wait to try this one!!


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