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February 5, 2019by Misty Sanford0

Why is it so damn hard to say goodbye?!

Wise Monkeys AND Black Matter are coming to a close. For the season, at least. The final batches are in the tanks now. That means you get to say hello to our dear friends only a few more times before it is time for a tearful goodbye.

We miscalculated the number of Black Matter cans we had during our last run, and we ended up with 100 extra cases of empty cans. It seems silly to save them until next winter, so we’re filling them up this week. It will also be available on draft for another month or two.

And Wise Monkeys, that devilishly strong golden delight. We’re keeping it on draft through March, but the cans will be making a final appearance at the end of this month. This one has a good shelf life, so feel free to hoard.

I will leave you with this final message inspired by the 10% beer in my glass. If you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello…   Bikini Atoll, our gose, will be available in March!

Misty Sanford

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