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July 12, 2017by Bold Themes2

We have another new beer! Atomic Alliance, our Pina Colada IPA, is releasing on National IPA Day. A creamy coconut and pineapple…uh…beer? You read that right.

Where did this genius summer beer come from? The fine gentlemen at Taps and Caps inspired it. They’re huge fans of Half-Life, our NE IPA, and they’ve been encouraging us to explore the milkshake IPAs of the NE. And because it’s summer, why not push the tropical characteristics with the appropriate hop selections, vanilla, and real coconut to enhance the pineapple flavor?

Milkshake IPA isn’t just a clever name. We use lactose to produce the hazy, tropical, and almost creamy flavors. Just like a Pina Colada. While we’re certainly not known for producing (or even enjoying) beers that have sweet characteristics, when those flavors are in the context of a creamy milkshake like experience, it is ridiculously good.

Now be honest, who doesn’t enjoy Pina Coladas? But we get that not every man is confident enough with his masculinity to indulge in the fruity cocktail outside of an all-inclusive Mexican resort. Well now you can drink your Pina Colada in the form of beer with no shame. And it’s even better than it’s forefather. If you insist on having an umbrella and pineapple wedge, we won’t judge. In fact, tag us on Instagram, and we will send you something manly as a gift for sharing.

Atomic Alliance is releasing at Taps and Caps on National IPA Day, August 3rd. It will surely be unbearably hot and summer like, so join us for a tasting before you fill a growler for the pool.

Speaking of growlers, we’re back in stock! We added the 64 oz size in matte black and matte white to the mix. Check out the shop to place an order!

In case you’re curious, there is an unofficial style called milkshake ale, and we suspect it will be a new category next year.

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  • Todd

    July 12, 2017 at 10:37 pm

    Misty, could you give the specific address for Taps & Caps? A few locations popped up. Would love to be there and try this beer! Y’all keep doing great and astonishing things. Keep it up! Todd


    • Misty

      July 13, 2017 at 1:37 pm

      It will be at all 3 locations! Lewisville, Denton, and Fort Worth. We will most likely be hanging out at the Lewisville location during the launch.

      Thanks for the kind words!


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