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February 3, 2017by Bold Themes0

When you think about Brown Ales, not much comes to mind, because, well…they’re typically pretty boring. In our early days of brewing, we realized Brown Ales have amazing characteristics that need a chance to shine. That’s when we decided to Belgianize our American Brown Ale recipe.

But the story of Inception is more interesting that that. When we designed the beer in 2010, Karl and I had recently returned from a beer trip to Belgium, and we were newly engaged. We were inspired to design a beer for our wedding, and that’s when we called Jeremy, our friend and the best homebrewer we’d ever met.

Our goal was to create a beer that would be appreciated by us, our craft beer loving wedding guests, and family members not yet exposed to beers beyond traditional American Lagers (ahem…Dad). During the 8-month design period, we discovered our unique synergy along with passion for each of our respective areas of the process. We made a great team, and little did we know at the time, this design process would turn into something much larger.

Inception is now on its 19th iteration, which makes sense as our very first ground up beer. And because Jeremy is a meticulous engineer. But it has come to delicious resting point, for now. It might be a bit daunting with its brown color, but the amazing aroma of toasted nuts, banana, caramel, and raisin create a very pleasant surprise. It’s medium in body and has our signature high carbonation.

Sip, enjoy, and know that it was brewed for love! Was that too cheesy?

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