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April 6, 2017by Bold Themes0

Dallas friends, have you been to Denton lately? We are ride or die Oak Cliffers, so we admittedly judged the Little D. After all, that’s what people from the OC do. No community could possibly be as quaint as our own. But we were sooo wrong.

Thanks to the beer love from the local watering holes, we’ve had the opportunity to make a few visits since we launched. And every time we visit Denton, we fall in love a little more. And Denton seems to love our beer, so it’s a match.

Our little affair started with Ben and team from The Bearded Monk. Ben invited us to join him on DentonRadio.com for #FreeBeerFriday, which allowed us to truly experience the local hospitality. It was a blast. We didn’t get to share as much as we wanted, so hopefully they invite us back. Hint, hint… But after the show, we walked the square, dined in the food truck park, met some locals back at The Bearded Monk, and perused homes for sale on my Zillow app.

We’re frequently on tap at Harvest House, Lone Star Taps and Caps, East Side Denton, and The Bearded Monk (of course). We need more reasons to visit Denton, so let us know where else you want to drink our beer!

And don’t worry, Oak Cliff friends. We’re not actually going to move to the Little D. At least not in the very, very, very near future.

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