July 5, 2018by Misty Sanford0

If you follow us on the gram, you might be wondering what the illustration teases are all about. We have exciting news that we can finally share. WE’RE CANNING OUR BEER!

I feel like this announcement deserved to be screamed in all caps, right? Especially because I get asked about the status weekly. We’ve had a lot of things happening in the background to get to this point, but the TABC approved our designs yesterday, so packaged beer will be rolling out in September.

We’re launching with the core 3 + our new Pilsner, Necessary Evil. September might be a little late in the season to release a Pilsner, but we’re going to squeeze every last day out of the endless Texas heat. Read more about it here.

And those cans… I know it’s not very humble to admit this, but we’re in love with them. I’ll write another post about the story behind the design.

Misty Sanford

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